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The Gadgetbar Toolbar protects your computer with very powerful and popular brand name anti-virus scans, spyware scans, Internet security scans, tune ups, & PC fixes. It doesn't spy on browsing habits or launch pop-up or pop-under advertisements, it doesn't hijack searches or modify pages you visit, it doesn't block uninstallation or create security holes.
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Ultimate Boot CD - Free program. Boot & Fix any PC

Anonymization - Anonymous internet surfing. Surf anonymously and protect your privacy and security. Fast and uncensored.

Crucial PC RAM Scan - The Crucial System Scanner automatically analyzes your computer memory information and suggests an upgrade that's guaranteed compatible.

10 PC Commandments - for Your Computer Sanity. 10 commandments to play it safe online.

ON GUARD PC Security - provides practical tips from the federal government & the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, & protect your personal information.

Dictionary/Thesaurus/Acronyms - Merriam-Webster OnLine. There is far more to do here than simply using a dictionary or thesaurus.

DIY Computer Repairs

Crimeware Prevention Tips - If you believe you have been a victim of online fraud or crimeware, there are a series of steps you can take in each instance to respond to and recover from the incident.

Free 256 Bit Encrypted Chat - X-IM is a free Secure Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat program which lets you communicate with anyone on the Internet securely, using 256-bit Strong Encryption.

Send 100% ANONYMOUS Email - Check this out!!!

ReadNotify does AMAZING THINGS with your email...

Free Old Time Radio Shows Online - listen to 100's of radio shows such as Abbott & Costello, Superman, Groucho Marx, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, Sherlock Homes, & many others.

Satellite and Hybrid Maps - Similar capabilities as Mapmachine. New! Multi-point directions: Click and drag to rearrange stops.

Terraserver® Aerial Access - TerraServer®’s "NEW" real estate product for commercial properties. It is intended to serve the segment of the Real Estate industry that deals in the listing and marketing, the Buying and Selling, of commercial properties nationwide.

White Pages Searches - Like a phone book, it offers tools for weddings, moving, renovating and car shopping.

Yellow Pages Searches - Like a phone book, it offers tools for weddings, moving, renovating and car shopping.

Good Free E-cards from Jumpix - Free Ecards, Greetings Cards, Silly e-Cards, No-Cheese ecards, photo ecards, unusual ecards, festering ecards and flash ecards. Choose your own wording.

Better Free Ecards - Hallmark ecards. when you want to send your very best regards in whatever occassion.

Best Free Ecards - REGARDS.COM's FREE greeting card site. The same free service you've grown to love, where you create cards for any occasion for your friends and family all around the world!

Install this Toolbar for Firefox - Should you desire to use the Gadgetbar toolbar with the Firefox browser, here is your link.

Gadgetbar Updates - Regardless if you've chosen automatic updating or manual updating, you may always receive the latest toolbar versions here.

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Microsoft Security Essentials - It helps protect against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It's available as a no-cost download for Windows XP SP2 and higher, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

PC Command Codes - Learn how to access your PC in a way you may never knew - or refresh your memory for commands you forgot. Tweak your PC to run the way you want it to or make certain it is running correctly.

PC Pitstop - A good comprehensive computer scan and test program.

Dell Support Center PC Check Up with Fix and Repair - This particular 'PC Checkup' works only on "DELL" PC Systems...

Windows Live PC Safety Center - A long scan, but worthwhile as it works on scanning and fixing specific PC problems.

Safety Scan for Windows Vista and Windows 7 - Like the link above, but for more sophisticated versions of Windows.

Ultimate Boot CD - Having trouble starting your PC? Use this to boot ANY computer. Awesome capabilities.

The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status & more.

Hard Drive Disk Health Scan - Scans your hard drive for errors and gives a report of hard drive capabilities.

Dell PC Checkup Online (Must use Internet Explorer) performs a set of basic configuration, software and security checks and provides fixes or guidance for resolving any discovered issues.


Protonic Free PC Repair Assistance (You must register first - Free) - Live technicians to assist you with your PC.

Tune Up Center - Like a car, your PC needs regular maintenance to help keep it in tip-top shape.

Scan for Bad PC Drivers - Driver Detective is a FREE scan application but not a free fix. You can use the results to get your updated drivers free from your PC manufacturer.

DriverZone - Looking for an obsolete or hard-to-find driver(s)? Look in our driver archives, or try our search form at the top of any page on

Finally Fast - As seen on TV! Just scan with the free scanner and check your computer performance! Easy to use.

Totally Drivers - Scan & detect bad Drivers FREE! Instant Access over 100,000 Drivers - Use the results to get drivers for free from your PC manufacturer or from after the Driver Agent scan

Computer hardware manufacturers & drivers links directory - The following is a listing of manufacturers of PC hardware & links to their respective sites, where you can source drivers & technical specifications. Drivers Support Registry - Choose type and the producer of the device which driver downloading is necessary for you by clicking from any available category:

Clean Up Center - Lots of things get saved on your PC that you don’t need. Some are benign. Some slow you down.

FILExt - a database of file extensions and the various programs that use them. If you know the file extension you want to learn about simply enter it into the search box on the left and click on the Search button.

The Software Patch - A source of mostly free patches and updates for multiple types of softwares, Windows, Games and more.... Simply click on the category that suits you and search...

Perfect - Get your "Boot Disks", "Device Drivers" and even "PC Technician sites" and more here! - Yet another great PC driver facility.

Techmonkeys - A Help and Assistance Website for People with Computer Related Problems. Technicians to asist you with your PC issues.

Windows 5 Support Center - Amazingly, you can find just about anything to fix / troubleshoot / repair your PC here!!! Find solutions to fix errors.

Dougs Windows Tweak Center - Tweak / Fix / Repair / Troubleshoot your Computer issues with the Tweak Center. Solve PC issues here.

How To Diagnose & Fix Hard Drive Problems - Monthly check your hard drive to keep your system running well. ScanDisk can find & fix errors in the file allocation table, the file system structure & the directory tree structure.

How to use "MSCONFIG" (System Configuration Utility) & even obtain the program downloads for PC's without MSCONFIG (Click on the sentence - "Msconfig online help page here")

How to Use Windows System File Checker at Your Computer's 911 Service for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP - System File Checker restores damaged files.

Optimize XP Services - This is a great tool for editing the System Confiruration Utility to boost the speed and strength of your PC. - Use care when making these changes.

Dell Support 3 Tool - It Updates, Upgrades your PC and is a powerful Information tool. (For Dell PC's only)

PC Fix Zone - On this site you will find links to sites that offer Free online PC support from the very basics of, how to build a PC, when to upgrade your PC to advanced technical help to solve PC crashes.

Windows Shutdown & Restart Center troubleshooting in 15 steps lets you quickly troubleshoot and fix problems with shutting down and restarting Windows 95, 98 and Millennium.

Errorsmart PC FIX REVIEW - RegClean Software for PC's can fix utilities to scan & help troubled PC users maintain their computer system free of junk files, unneeded cyber trash and parasites.

Office of Computer Information Technology - Find what you need to know about your PC issues here! A database of computer information.

PC Tech Bytes Diagnostic Utilities, These downloadable packages set creates ways you can use to detect failing hardware components. Read instructions carefully.

Computer and Hard Drive Fitness Tool and Diagnostic Testing. This is a downloadable test that you should read about before testing.

Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") Completely delete contents of a hard drive. A self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. USE WITH CAUTION.

Active@ KillDisk - Hard Drive Eraser. Powerful, compact DOS software allows you to destroy all data on hard & floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of recovery of deleted files/folders.

With Microsoft TweakUI you can adjust your Windows User Interface, including menu speed, window animation, and Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows

This Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.

Bucaro Techelp Center for Computers - A Huge Database with great tips, instructions and help to fix or improve your PC. TRY IT!

FIX BAD .DLL FILES - Everyone has received a "Couldn't find ****.dll..." pop-up message at some time. Well folks, your problems are over!

ASTRA 32 - Program performs PC configuration analysis & diagnostics. Gives detailed info about your PC hardware & devices operational modes, including undocumented info.

Process Library - Free & comprehensive online resource for anyone who wants to know exact nature & purpose of any & every single process that is - or should not be - running on your PC.

CD Check - This program checks your CD-ROM (or some other media) and tells you which files are corrupted. It can also do a binary compare with copy on disk.

PC Scan/Fix Menu Continued.... Just POINT TO THIS LINE with your mouse to open the second (2nd) menu. More PC Scan/Fix Menu beyond this point. (End of this menu - going up)

Free Microsoft Security essentials for your computer. Free scans and downloads and much more!

Malicious Software Removal Tool - Runs best on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003

X-Ray PC Prblems - A good interactive scanner and remover.

Trend Micro™ Antispyware - free online tool that checks computers for spyware, and helps remove any infections found.

Free Spyware Removal and Privacy Check - This is an automatic scan, nothing to click on. Removal tools are downloadable.

Panda Active Scan with TruPrevent™ - eliminates over 110,000 viruses, worms and Trojans from all system devices.

Jotti's Malware Scan - Simply locate and upload your file(s) for scanning. Use the browse button to locate and upload.

MySpyZero Scan - protects your computer against programs that can cause unwanted changes in your PC.

Quick Program Scan - This scan analyzes a list of the programs running on your systems, showing you what to delete or keep.

Zone Labs Online Spyware Scanner - You must be running Internet Explorer to use the scanner.

CounterSpy Spyware Scan - this may only scan and not remove. However, spyware can be removed manually or with other scanners.

Use our free protection scan to check for and remove viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software and to find vulnerabilities in your Internet connection.

Parasite Detector - Just click on the word "Parasites", located on the second arrow down from the top. A very fast scan.

Ewido Spyware Scan and Removal - scan and clean your computer from malware without having to install additional software on your computer.

ESET - ESET Online Scanner is the Web's best free virus scan. A user-friendly, powerful tool, it can remove malware—viruses, spyware, adware, worms, trojans, and more—from any PC.

Virus Chaser Online Scan - equipped with a superb quality scan engine. It can perfectly check and cure virus, adware and spyware.  Virus Chaser Online Scan does not include real-time system moitoring.

Tools for Adware, Spyware, Scumware, Diallers, ’Jackers - You must be using Internet Explorer for this test to work. JavaScript must be enabled.

Lists of freeware antispyware - This should immediately help to find websites that scan manually or automatic or offer free software.

CA Etrust Pest Patrol Spyware Scan - Click yes to allow active x control - shows you what spyware is on your system, but does not remove them.

PCshell PC Patrol Pest Scan Spyware Remover - They ask to fill out very short registration form before the scan. You may scan without registering.

Computer Help Desk Online Spyware Scanner - Short Scan - Checks for specific problems. SUPER FAST SCAN. Immediate results.

Browserspy Parasite Detector - Very fast scan. Check your PC for unsolicited commercial software.

Knowledge Base links, Commands & Utilities for cleaning Spyware and unwanted files from your PC & how to fix them.

EMSI Spyware Remover and Online Scan - This will scan for adware / remove them. Many spyware's can be removed manually if you are given the location of the problem.

Tenebril - The Spyware Scanner makes use of some of the detection technologies used by the award-winning anti-spyware product, SpyCatcher.

Malwarebytes is a site dedicated to fighting malware. Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer.

Regfreeze Spyware Scanner - this will only scan. However, you may delete any spyware it finds manually or with other spyware removers

Webroot Spyware Spy Audit - This is a free downloadable program and is free to use and keep on your PC.

Counter Spy Research Center- is made up of tens of thousand CounterSpy users that have banded together to form an early warning system when a new spyware outbreak is noticed.

Wikia Online antivirus scans - List of online scanners & why you should use them. Why use online scanners as opposed to downloading and installing local scanners?

StopSign PC Protection - after clicking "Scan now", click "run" to run scan or "save" to keep scanner on your PC (Additional programs available)

Virustotal - a service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines.

Adware 2009 makes protecting your computer as easy as possible, because it automatically blocks and removes all types of spyware viruses and adware.

Bug busting: Getting Rid of Spyware - Spyware. We have all heard about it. Many of us have fallen victim to it. Sadly, although it is very easy to get it on to our computers, it can be very difficult to get off.

Rogue or Suspect Antispyware products and websites. To help you build a solid defense - because no single spyware remover can do it all.

Welcome to Spyware Warrior! In this forum you'll find a wealth of resources to help you fight spyware and adware. Unfortunately - we cannot guarantee all advice to be free.

Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals (ASAP) - a joint effort dedicated to assisting PC users by using cross-referrals, multiple product support services, easy info access & cross reference with verification.

CDT - Do you have a story about "spyware," "snoopware," or "trespassware," particularly software that piggy-backed on another program that now just won't go away? If so, we want to hear your story!

Rising Spyware Beware - A website with usable scanner & information for users regarding the best spyware removal programs, browser protection and what to stay away from as it cleans.

SPYWARE, TROJANS, HIJACKERS & MANY INTERNET NUISANCES - informs everyone of companies using unethical marketing schemes, programs used for such marketing, servers the programs operate on & the people behind it.

Lavasoft Adaware - Every computer user has the right to protect their privacy. We give you that right for free - no strings attached! Safeguard your personal info against cyber threats with the original Anti-Spyware solution.

Anti-Spy.Info tells you. Anti-Spy.Info is an award winning security and personal privacy tool that detects and removes spyware, trojans, keyloggers and adware. It complements your firewall and anti-virus software.

Adware, Spyware and other unwanted "malware" - and how to remove them - If you have a program that's bothering you at start-up, go here for info on getting rid of it.

The current top 10 spyware and adware products are listed here. However - although this list is admirable, it may not necessarily be an accurate list of the BEST of the BEST TOP 10...

SpywareGuide - the leading public reference site for spyware & greynet research, details about spyware, adware & greynet applications & their behaviors, all compiled in an extensive updated database.

Spyware Education Center - Learn more about the different kinds of spyware software that infects 9 out of 10 computers. How it takes away your ability to operate a PC properly.

Spyware Info Center - 20% of PC's have some spyware active in memory, stealing CPU cycles, using up system resources, delivering unwanted advertising & creating system instability & threatening your privacy.

Free Symantec Internet Threat Meter - Free Download & Use. It updates itself and keeps you up-to-date on the latest threats online.

BitDefender Online Scanner - Back up your important files & folders before scan. This is a VERY POWERFUL SCANNER AND REMOVER.

Need Professional Help Removing Viruses? Scan for Spyware & Viruses and Speak to an Advisor. The call is free, the service is not.

McAfee FreeScan - Detects thousands of viruses and offers links to help you remove them.

Symantec Free Security Tools - Try Norton’s PC security free. Give your PC a free online virus scan. Or just test drive one of our free latest betas.

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free service designed to help ensure the health of your PC.

TrojanScan - Virus scanners mostly miss Trojans because Trojans are a specific threat. This scan will find them for you.

PC Pitstop Virus Scan - Offers location and detection of viruses, but removal may have to be done manually.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Scan and Single File Scan - uses Microsoft Internet Explorer & ActiveX technologies to scan your computer for malicious code.

eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner - Detects viruses and offers to clean and delete them.

Intelinet Internet Security Software will speed up your computer, detects and removes spyware and adware, Viruses, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and a host of other dangerous parasites.

Freedom Online Virus Check - scan your hard drives, diskettes, CD-ROMs, network drives, directories, and specific files for any hidden viruses, Trojans or worms.

F-Secure Online Virus Scanner - Use it to find out if your computer is infected and disinfect your computer if needed.

Trend Micro™ Housecall and CWShredder - Ease your mind and scan your PC for viruses and spyware. Results may require manual deletion.

Eset Online Scanner - The Web's best free virus scan. User-friendly, powerful tool & nline antivirus utility can remove malware—viruses, spyware, adware, worms, trojans, & more—from any PC.

Norton's Sygate Scan - Sygate Online Services has been integrated into Symantec Security Check. Scan your computer now to expose any vulnerabilities to online threats with this free tool.

Prevx - Rapid malware scanning and removal. Check your PC in around a minute to remove trojans, rootkits, viruses, spyware, information stealers, and all other forms of PC threat.

Virustotal - A service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines.

Jotti Virus Scan - This service is by no means 100% safe. This is a legitimate service, Virus definitions are updated every hour. There is a 10Mb limit per file.This is a simple online scan service.

Bug Doctor - using it to keep their PC's running error free. This is the software that computer geeks don't want you to know about!

Check your offline files online via web with DrWeb - Scan for single or archived files. Manual deletion may be required.

MyV3 Online Anti-Virus Scanner - an online anti-virus service that helps you scan and repair viruses whenever you are connected to the Internet.

Cybertech Online Antivirus Scan - Always up to date. Nothing to install. Detects viruses and cleans your PC.

NO ADWARE - There is only one tool we recommend that is guaranteed to get the job done and protect your PC from intruders. Period! Hint: Its not Norton!

Norton Virus and Security Scans - Test your PC's exposure to security threats & learn to make your PC more secure. Use link results for manual deletions.

Conficker worm eye CHART - If you're still worried if your computer may be infected with the widespread Conficker worm, the Conficker Eye Chart can diagnose it with ease.

Multiple Free Antivirus Software & Free Online Virus Scans - Here you may take your choice from multiple sources and use what is best for you!

Fortinet Fortiguard Center - Choose any File(s) for scanning & it will automatically be uploaded from your PC to a dedicated server where it will be scanned.

Norman Sandbox Information Center - Choose any File(s) for upload and scan. Click "Browse" to find the file you want NSIC to analyse.

Hyperlink: Security: Malware & Virus Information and software to treat and protect against the major computer plagues: virus, worm, trojan horse, hoax, chain-letter.

Free virus removal tools - Multiple virus cleaners for download. All free for using.

Security Response Virus Removal - If your system has become infected, the tools available here should aid you in repairing the damage.

Cataloged Virus Glossary - Information on every known virus. With specific virus names, you can get specific virus removal tools made for specific viruses.

Symantec Security Virus Hoaxes - A sum of hoaxes you need not believe in, for they are not real viruses.

A - Z Myths Legends & Stories on Viral hoaxes and scares that were NEVER true. Don't believe every email virus warning you see.

Free tools and links to antivirus softwares. Here is a list of Online Anti-virus scanners and Security Test sites and the URLs will lead to the respective vendor's site.

THE PARASITE FIGHT - Fighting Parasites on your PC is more serious than you think... they represent today a much larger security threat than viruses & cause a lot more general PC problems

SOPHOS - The W32/Flcss virus infects most 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP). It can spread by copying itself across networks.

Bootminder - Offers you protection against boot viruses. Bootminder runs quietly in the background, giving you warnings when necessary.

List of helpful info for fighting viruses - This list is in no particular order and no particular recommendations from my side on which ones to use. URLs listed for user convenience only. Thank you!

Hacker Whacker Scans - This test will tell you if you have some very common vulnerabilities.

Hacker Watch Scans - Our server is ready to send test traffic to your computer. You may select either of two methods of testing.

Internet Security Website Scan - try their solution "Control Scan" to see how well they can determine the safety of your internet presence.

ScannerX - Help prevent Stolen Content, Bandwidth Hijacking and Hacking.

Hackercheck - provides a free port-scanner to test your computer's security for internet transactions.

SG Online PC Security Scan - a remote port scanner that audits a number of PC ports on your system in order to detect potenital vulnerabilities.

The Preventon Security Scanner - Provides an indication of your computer's security, across a range of common attacks.

Dereiler Free Online-Portscanner - uses the open-source utility nmap to scan your IP for open ports.

Zone Labs Security Scanner - Traces Internet Tracking Devices and Deletes Them.

SecuritySpace Member Services - After registering and logging in, ignore order form and click "Run Analysis" above.

Obit Security Scan - Checks for any vulnerable openings that may be open to the internet. However, the site "might" be down...?

Security Space Vulnerability Test - Must register before using the vulnerability test.

IT.SEC Security - This site boasts to be 'the mother of all security online-tests'.... But you decide...

EMSI A-Squared Hacker Scanner - Scan for Trojans, Backdoors, Worms, Dialers, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Hacking Tools, Riskware, TrackingCookies & more.

What actions to take when you believe your PC has been infected or hacked into. How to report serious intrusions, hacks or viruses.

GFI Security Event Log Scanner - Check for high security events happening on your machine.

Preventon Security Scanner - Run it from online or download the scanner to keep on your PC all for free.

Whether you use dial-up or high-speed Internet access, you could be vulnerable to hackers or viruses or more. Here are tips to help ensure online security.

Port Detective - This scan helps you determine if you are properly secured.

The TOP 20 Internet Security Attack Targets - The most trusted source for Internet Security Training, Certification and Research.

DbEncrypt - Easy-to-use, affordable, and effective security solution for encrypting column data within the database.

Center for Internet Security - Downloadable benchmarks and scoring tools for security. The downloads are now available - free of charge! Including Windows XP Professional with SP2

Firewall Logs - security been cracked by a hacker? - DShield provides a platform for users of firewalls to share intrusion information. DShield is a free and open service.

Support EPIC to defend your most private security issues on the entire internet.

The High Tech Crime Investigation Assoc. (HTCIA) - designed to aid & effect the voluntary interchange of data about methods relating to investigations & security in advanced technologies among us.

Hacker Tricks And Prevention Techniques - PC hackers aren't like the ones you see in hollywood movies. For real protection, this is what you do:

DSINET - Information security center with tips, clues and help FAQs for overcoming security threats on the net.

E-Security - Internet warnings and latest security alerts and tips. Stay up to date! Get real-time news and reviews about the latest innovations in internet technology.

Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips - Everyday, and some not everyday tips, on how you can keep your email safe and secure.

10 tips - Protection Against Hackers & Viruses - Here are the top 10 tips that can enhance your protection against hackers and viruses:

Hackademix - Security Gadgets and more for your browsers and computer. Plug-ins, Add-ons, Security Advisors and much more for your increased safety online.

Sygate Firewall Tests and Scans - This scan will efficiently probe commonly used services and protocols.

Standard and Advanced Firewall Testing - It also tests for ports commonly used by Viruses and Trojans.

AhnLabs - MyFirewall Tests - Free online computer firewall trials, downloads and test that protects personal data from security threats.

Shields Up! - Test your PC for vulnerabilities and security issues.

Easy step by step video instructions on activating the Windows XP firewall for IBM based PC's. This is a very simple process to follow.

Easy step by step video instructions on activating the Windows XP firewall for Mac OS X (v. 10.2 or higher) based PC's. This is a very simple process to follow.

LeakTest Scanner - Tests for internet connection security vulnerabilities.

Deep Sight Analyzer - A fantastic Firewall Attack Tracking utility to find those who attack your PC.

Alken Port Scan - Don't close the window because it scans while bringing up the website, giving you results when finished.

Protection Center - Keep hackers and unwanted software at bay and learn about some quick ways to keep your PC secure.

Firewall Leak Tester - test your software personal firewall thanks to different multiple test programs.

Security Metrics Port Scan and Firewall Test - Choose Home Office/Personal Firewall Test or Business Server/Firewall Test

PC Flank Multiple Testing - In addition to this page, look on left side of web page for more multiple testing.

Broadband Test and Port Scan - Get an instant security analysis now. No need to know your IP address.

Free Utility Downloads for Security, Internet, Productivity, Graphics, Network, Games & Video Editing - a selection of outstanding freeware - great programs that are definitely worth downloading & using.

Where's the Best Firewalls? Check the Firewall Leaktest Scoreboard - make your own decision - DOWNLOAD A GREAT FIREWALL TODAY!

Ethereal Network Analyzer - used by network professionals around the world for troubleshooting, analysis, software and protocol development.

Firewall - A software or hardware program preventing Internet traffic from entering/leaving your PC. A firewall helps make you invisible on the Internet & blocks communications from unauthorized sources.

Free Firewalls - Freeware & Trialware - If you do not have a firewall, get one today.

PC911 > How-To Guides - helpful how-to guides that will help you fix problems, learn more about Windows, software, and hardware, understand your PC better, get more out of your PC, and much more.

How good is your firewall? Find out here. You must have cookies enabled or you will not be able to access the page. Scroll to the bottom to view results.

RegCure - Completely clean your windows registry with a few clicks of the mouse - Make your slow PC a thing of the past! Realize your systems true potential!

With XP Repair Pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your Windows PC with a few simple mouse clicks! XP Repair Pro is designed with a powerful scanning system and a user friendly interface.

Security Tracker - subscribe to security tracker to keep updated on and keep track of the lastest security vulnerabilities.

PC911's Computer Help Videos - brand new set of 41 videos to help you get the most out of any computer.

Windows Live OneCare - helping protect your PC from viruses, spyware, hackers, and other unwanted intruders. It also goes beyond security, but click here to find out...

Home PC Firewall Guide - A PC connected to the Internet without a firewall can be hijacked & added to an Internet outlaw's botnet in a few minutes. Firewall's can block these vulnerabilities

PC 911 - You won't believe how much faster your computer can be if you just spend a little time optimizing it.

Western Digital - Downloads & Updates Includes Data Lifeguard Tools(DLG), Diagnostic Utilities, Product Drivers, Backup Software.

Input Drivers - This site maintains listings of mouse, keyboard, and other input device drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful resources.

SEAGATE - combines an always-on network server with powerful software and online services. Data Recovery for all brands and formats of storage media.

Samsung - The download center provides downloadable files and manuals that support SAMSUNG’s products. Get answers to the most common questions about SAMSUNG products.

Phillips - For most products, we've extensive support info, frequently asked questions, manuals, software, tutorials & more. Select your product. If you couldn't find your support info on line, contact customer care.

Panasonic - Need help with your Panasonic consumer electronics products? See our Consumer Electronics Support Home Page for more information!

NVIDIA - Choose your support options from a list of NVIDIA product families. If you believe that your issue is due to a problem with the driver, we invite you to submit a bug report.

Belkin - Find the most current product support information including quick install guides, firmware upgrades, manuals and more. Please search for your product or select a product category.

NEC - Image of Local Support Top Page. Get assistance from your local support center by phone. Image of Reference Documents & much more.

IBM - Find solutions to the most common technical problems - Find drivers, software fixes and updates.

E-Machines - Get the support you need for your eMachines products. Rest easy knowing that friendly and knowledgeable people stand behind our products, and are ready to help you.

Gateway - Enter your product serial number to access personalized support for your Gateway product. Save time by accessing downloads, support documents and other features tailored to your product.

Dell - Welcome to Dell's Award Winning Support Website! Obtain the support you need through automation, chat with support team, download drivers and much more.

USB Drivers - This site maintains listings of USB drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful resources.

HP PC Product Drivers - From this site, you can download the necessary HP drivers for your HP product as well as receive support.

SONY - Use the options on our website to select your Sony model and country of purchase. Then obtain the service or software you require for your SONY product.

Compaq - notebook and desktop computers or other compaq products. Everything you need to make things happen. Drivers and support.

Toshiba - To view a list of applicable Downloads, Support Bulletins, or other documents for your Toshiba PC, select a Product line, Family, and Model from our site.

Packard Bell - Are you looking for Product Support, downloads, warranty, upgrades or troubleshooter ...? If so, please select from our support website.

Acer - Welcome to our site as you search for the necessary support and / or drivers you are seeking for your Acer product.

Konica Minolta PC Products, Drivers and Support - Download and receive assistance for your Konica or Minolta hardware.

USB Drivers - This site maintains listings of USB drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful resources.

Fujitsu Computer & Consumer Products - obtain your Fujitsu drivers and support from our website.

Xerox - Do you have a Xerox product, but not the required software? Use our site to accomplish your downloads or seek our customer support for assistance.

CD ROM Drivers - This site maintains listings of cd-rom, cd-rw, and dvd drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful resources. - This site maintains listings of BIOS Updates files available on the web, organized by company. One of the largest Bios drivers databases on the net.

Sound Card Drivers - This site maintains listings of sound card drivers available on the web, organized by company. Includes links to useful resources.

Linksys - Get quick, personalized step-by-step solutions and troubleshooting tips for your Linksys devices or Launch Live Chat to get live support assistance from an online Linksys Support agent!

3COM Products, Support & Services - Includes contact options with Tech support & Customer Service. Obtain Drivers, Downloads or needed Software for your 3COM products.

US Robotics Services - Whether your looking for tech support, answers on your own or drivers and downloads, we have what you need.

AMD & ATI support & downloads - get your drivers & software for all of your AMD or ATI products or Technologies.

Epson - Come to the Epson site for all of your Epson product support and software needs.

Lexmark - Use this website to download your required Drivers or obtain any necessary support for your Lexmark products.

Canon Printers, Scanners, Cameras & other products - here you can find the drivers & support you require for your Canon products.

Brother Printer, Scanners, Multi-Function Machine Drivers - Use our site to find the proper drivers for your Brother hardware.

IOMEGA - With Iomega’s My Support you have the ability to track and view virtually all email, 1-on-1 live chat and phone communications you have with Iomega regarding technical support issues.

D-Link - Our customers Rely on D-Link xStack Switching to Power the Largest, Most Stressed Gaming Network in the US. Get you driver updates here.

Kingston - All drivers, support files and installation guides are available here. Need to report a technical problem? Need an RMA? Have a question? search our Memory Configurator.

Okidata - need drivers and support for your Okidata product? You've come to the right place. May you find the answers you need.

Logitech - Download drivers, updates, video effects our own Desktop Messenger and more. Get simple online help with Logitech hardware and software.

RICOH - You can find phone numbers answers to your questions as well as send us an email at the FAQ page of Ricoh's regional/local sales company site.

Motorola - Get answers to common questions, learn to use new features, update your software and more... Contact Motorola if you have any more questions.

The GURU of 3D - with Mainboard and Graphics Drivers, we hope to have the software your computer requires.

Adobe Products, Downloads & Support - Use Tech support, customer service or locate any required software, updates, upgrades, downloads & drivers.

Savage News Graphics Drivers - Perhaps not the most complete list of graphics drivers, but healthy enough to please many people in need.

Drivers & More Menu Continued.... Just POINT TO THIS LINE with your mouse to open the second (2nd) menu. Continued Drivers & More Menu beyond this point. (End of this menu - going up)

15 Online Tools That You Will Come To Love - there are other good ones that have not been posted yet, so please feel free to post the ones that you like as well.

Test & Boost Internet Speed - Gadgetbar has many speed tests for you to choose which is best for you to use or more accurate & efficient. Maintaining your top speed is important.

DNS Tools - Want to know what other people can see if they see you online while hacking the internet? Check this out.

Bandwidth Speed Test - WUGNET's Bandwith Speed Test is a precisely accurate measurement of your Internet connection UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD speeds.

Fix your Screen with JScreenFix - Do you have images burned into your TV or monitor? Do you experience screen freezes? This fantastic tool may resolve your problems!

Free Windows System Scan - There are many types of files found within windows that are difficult to understand. This will help you scan & understand them better.

Internet Explorer Connectivity Evaluation Tool gives test results about features of your router & compatability issues w/Windows Vista features & other scenarios

Online PC and Internet Speedometer - A computerized diagnosis of your internet speed.

Security Systems - Protecting Your Network - Centreline 2000 can provide complete security solutions to protect your computer network. TCP/IP Analyzer - Tests are found lower left side. Test your TCP and IP bandwidth for insecure vulnerabilities.

Website SiteSpeed v2.14 - a PHP script for your website. It will measure the speed of your website and displays the results in 7 comprehensive graphs.

Online Privacy Investigation Report and more multiple Testing - Capture the information that website usually capture from you.

Test Internet Speed and Increase it by 375% - measure the speed of your existing DSL, cable or dial-up Internet connection and increase it. This is unfortunately - not free.

Upload and Download Test Sites - Learn how fast your upload and download properties are.

Test Your ActiveX Installation - Tests whether you have your browser properly configured to manipulate them with Active X and JavaScript.

The "EVERYTHING" Test (You must first register - it's Free) - This test will automatically retest your connection on a set interval.

Scan and check for high security events - Check for high security events happening on your machine, such as users logging onto your machine

Web Security Services in 5 Easy Steps - you can check your computer for security vulnerabilities and destructive software.

The Elephants' Toolbox - In addition to tools on center screen, more are located under "Online Tools" on left border.

You get signal - The port forwarding tester is a utility used to identify your external IP address and detect open ports on your connection.

EULA License Analyzer helps users identify & focus on software license provisions of particular interest, even when such provisions are embedded within lengthy license agreements.

Microsoft Online Crash Analisys - The Windows Memory Diagnostic tests the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer for errors.

Conversion Tables on bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and much more.

SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator - Convert normal measurements to internet variables and virtual calculations.

Multiple Bandwidth Calculators - Calculate any internet, IP, Server or Computer with internet variables.

SG Bandwidth*Delay Product Calculator - a tool provided for quick calculation of approximate RWIN (TCP Window) values using the BDP (Bandwidth*Delay Product).

PC Webpage Download Stopwatch - How fast can you download and is it stable?

SG WLAN Key Generator - Quick, valid, and strong WEP/WPA key generation. Using the 94 standard ASCII characters for maximum compatability.

Alkens Ping tool allows you to send ping tests across the net to test your connection.

Who are the 10 top internet offenders online today? Keep yourself informed to identify these threats.

FIGHT BACK! helps users to fight back against attackers. We analyze submitted log reports & pick a number of strong cases & forward them to the attacker's ISP.

Free Optimization Utilities - Free downloadable utilities, software tools and applications for your computer.

Tach Tech Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities - Download the latest diagnostic software and utilities from the manufacturer of your hard drive(s).

Micro 2000 - PC Computer Hardware Diagnostics & Systems Network Management Software. Test your knowledge and skills as well as your PC.

Spyware Survival Guide - Unless you wish to buy this "guide", you might do better scrolling down the page & using the links below the guide advertisement.

Find Your IP Address - How to find your IP address on the internet and trace it.

GFI Email Security Testing Zone - scroll to the bottom for testing. Test the security of your email system!

Scanit's Browser Security Test - automatically checks your browser for various security problems.

Geobytes REAL address locater using an IP address plus MANY FREE COOL TOOLS! Multiple testing.

Central Ops - Use the Browser Mirror & See what your browser reveals about you and much more.

Whois Source Locater - enter a name or IP or domain and get a full report on it.

Who's got the fastest Internet Service Provider? Check it out here and see how fast your ISP is...

DNS Multiple Testing Platform - An extreme number of testing platforms to choose from.

Multiple Browsers IDN Spoofing Test - test whether or not your system is vulnerable to hackers through your browser.

The Internet Toolbox - Environmental Variables and other multiple testing.

BrowserTune2000 - scan your browser for security vulnerabilities and 'tune up' your browser settings.

SG Network Tools - Expose the Location of Online Attackers

The BrowserSpy Test Scan can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser.

Obit Multiple Tests and Scans - see if your computer and Outlook Express has any unknown services open towards internet.

Browser Hawk Browser Test - Analyze your browser for security issues to help you obtain a better online browsing experience.

Online Traceroute Tester - trace any IP address to it's origin.

Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer - See what information about you that websites see when you visit them.

Free Server/Email/Firewall Test - This is a free one-time evaluation of SecurityMetrics Vulnerability Assessment services.

Robin Good - A simple, reliable, straightforward way to test your browser compatibility across the whole spectrum of possibilities.

Search for Spam-Fighting Tools - These tools help you to report spam to the proper authorities. This is a key step to preventing further spam from the same culprit.

Zone Labs browser security scanner - Scan for a range of Internet tracking devices...and delete them.

Use E-Mail Filters - Most e-mail clients have e-mail filters built-in to the application. The video tutorials below show you how to activate the filters in some popular e-mail clients.

Online Email Encryption Program - Send encrypted email to anyone! Be sure to read encryption instructions before sending encrypted email.

Proxy Checker - Test Your Anonymity! Can you be seen on the internet or do you surf in stealth?

SSL Encryption Report - Test your Browsers Security Encryption Cipher to see how secure you are.

Jasons Toolbox Browser Security Tests - Testing security to help make sure intruders cannot break through.

Apache Test - This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server after it has been installed.

The Cloak Private Surfing - With clever use of your address line after your 1st typed address, you can be 'cloaked' anywhere on the internet.

Anonymouse Private Surfing - Again, with clever use of your address line after your 1st typed address, you can be 'cloaked' anywhere on the internet.

The Guardster lets you surf privately. Another good, anonymous surfing tool.

5 ways to keep your personal information private.... And to keep it that way. Browsing, Shopping, Communicating, Sharing & Video Tutorials.

How Spammers And Scammers Hide and Confuse - How to Obscure Any URL. Learn to uncover these crooks to protect yourself from them.

Disabling ActiveX and Java in Internet Explorer - not all active X and Java is dangerous. Some is even necessary and useful.

AnalogX HyperTrace is a GUI version of traceroute, which shows you the route that information travels from your machine to another machine on the internet.

Deposit Files - Choose a file to send*: (Max. 300 MB) to anyone you wish. Multiple Recipients (up to 5, seperated by comma). DepositFiles has a zero-tolerance policy against ILLEGAL files.

Email notifications: Making unsubscription easy. Most unsubscribe problems can be avoided by making the subscribers email visible and linking to an unsubscribe page in all emails.

About Spam and Helpful Hints on How to Avoid Spam - How does this junk email problem happen?

CableNut is a tool for optimizing your Windows TCP/IP stack i.e. your Internet Connection. tweak almost every possible TCP registry entry via the CableNut program.

Safety Test/Scan Menu Contined: JUST POINT TO THIS LINE with your mouse to open the second (2nd) menu. More Safety Test/Scans beyond - (Bottom of menu - going up)

Popup Blocker Test - the most complete way for you to test your popup blocking software.

The Popup Test! - helps you determine the ability of your favorite popup blocker to stop ads.

Test those Popups and Popup Blockers - provides a simple and independent source for popup window testing.

Test your popup blocker software here. This test provides a simple source for popup window testing.

Welcome to the Kephyr pop-up killer test! Choose and test your popup killer here.

myNetWatchman - WinPopUP Tester - You can even log in for advanced features apparently claims these to be the top 3 downloads for popup blocker programs. We think you can find better, but here they are.

The 5 Best Ways to Block Popup Advertising - has a section on Internet for Beginners on this popup topic.

Popup stopper is the ONLY popup blockers software that has been accepted into Retail stores - pick up a copy at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

Defeat - 5 PopUp blockers reviewed with detailed side-by-side comparisons. Perhaps you might find a program to be comfortable with.

Pop-Up Blocker Shoot-Out - Which Program Is Best At Killing Those Annoying Ads? Very good article with downloadable programs.

POPup Inspector - Pop-up blocker stop popups with FREE popup blocker! stop popups and enjoy surfing the net again.

By using Super Pop-up Blocker, you will browse faster than before since the ads don't get downloaded.

Fixed problem with Acrobat and some other IE plugins coexisting with AdAssassin!

Popup Blocker Directory - Browse through our selection of popup blocker software and find the solution that meets your needs.

CleanMyPC™ Free PopUp Blocker/Registry Cleaner - No Cost! No Configuration! No Popup! Helps get rid of popups surfing the net! Say goodbye to popup ads!

For advanced test users: The popup blocker and pop-up killer tips puts an end to popups and annoying messenger spam.

A review on Popup Blockers... Which is better? Plus, tips to avoid unwanted windows popping up every time you open a site.

BestPopupKiller is completely FREE! » BestPopupKiller™ defeats all others, including MSN, Yahoo! and Google's popup blockers. Test yours!

There are several varieties of popup blockers available. This document answers questions about different popup blockers & explains which ones are best.

Wikipedia's popup help - Pop-up ads or popups are a form of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to increase web traffic or capture email addresses.

Super Ad Blocker™ - VERSION 4.2 - Includes SUPERAntiSpyware Personal Edition - detect & remove over 100,000 harmful spyware/adware components! TOP RATED BLOCKER WE'VE EVER SEEN!

Ads Cleaner - Popup blocker! Make your Web surfing easy due comments for visited pages!

Tips on Dealing with Unwanted Pop-ups - The first thing to do is to make sure these pop-ups are not being generated from within.

SpeedUpMyPC Popup Killer - Free download, including a glossary to search through.

Check for new e-mails


Registry First Aid (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Ad-Aware 2008 Professional (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Spybot Search & Destroy (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - Free program. - If you decide to download/buy/use these maintenance programs, use them in order they are listed here.

HiJackThis (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - Free program. - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Windows® Defender (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - Free program. - If you decide to download/buy/use these maintenance programs, use them in order they are listed here.

System Cleaner (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Total Privacy (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

PC Pitstop Optimizer (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Diskeeper Pro Premier (HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS MAINTENANCE PROGRAM) - If you decide to download / buy and / or use these maintenance programs, use them in the order they are listed here.

Free WIFI Hotspots - This shows you all the free wireless internet access spots in the whole world.

SG TCP Optimizer, Registry Patches - provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. No installation required.

Help Info on Every Version of Windows - Boot Disks, Backup, Common Errors, Ways to reinstall, etc...

PC Hell - It's that place you visit when your personal computer is driving you insane with problems.

Windows Special Tricks - Special 'tweeks' and adjustments to your windows software for performance.

Universal Un-Plug and Play - Updates on the controversy of "Plug n play" devices.

Windows Task Manager System Identifying Tool - Find out what all those programs are really for and if you need them. THIS IS A GREAT SITE TO USE!

Windows Repairer software (Free Download) - Suitable for all consumer versions of Windows (although if you have Windows 95, you will need to obtain Winsock 2 first).

Welcome! Help2Go - a community committed to offering free computer help, technical support, tutorials, & spyware removal in a way that everyone can understand, not "geek-speak".

Computer repair advice is always free at PCTechBytes. If you have a question, post it in our forum or visit our computer chat rooms today!

Another Windows Repairer software (Free Download for Windows XP) - WinSock XP Fix offers a last resort if your Internet connectivity has been corrupted due to invalid or removed registry entries.

MGDx MAX SPEED WINDOWS Tricks / Secrets / Bugs / Fixes - Helpful tools and advice for windows users. A VERY LARGE database of information and downloads.

Free Useful PC Tools - Freeware and Trialware to use to your heart's content.

Download Your Necessary PC Drivers at Driver - Drivers for almost every device.

Free Online Storage - leading provider of services that allow secure uploading, transferring and file sharing.

EasyRecovery™ Free Edition 5.10 - do-it-yourself data recovery software solutions for almost any data loss situation – covering servers, desktops or laptops for all media, operating systems and file types.

Registry Mechanic™ 6.0 for Windows® - World's most popular Registry Cleaner with 300,000 plus downloads per week.

BCM Diagnostics Pro, version 2.30,- (Not free) Used to diagnose your PC's hardware & produce a comprehensive configuration report, stress test it, etc.. Too many tests to mention. But worth the $.

InfinaDyne software - The files linked from this page are freely downloadable. Evaluation questions? Call 888-759-0600

NLC PC Diagnostic Kit - TechAid Post Code Diagnostic Board, Check Diagnostic Software w/PC Utilities. Diagnose dead PC's fast. Motherboard diagnostic, power, CPU, RAM, HDD, all PC cards & more.

DocMemory PC RAM Diagnostic & Docmemory SPD Reader - DocMemory Diagnostic, an advanced self-bootable PC Memory Diagnostic Software. Designed to capture all possible memory failures in PC.

PC Hope - Free online PC support & PC related info designed to assist all types of PC users with PC related questions & to learn more about your PC & its hardware & software.

Malek Tips - Free Computer and Technology Help ... over 3,070 Tips to help you Save Time and Get More Enjoyment out of Computers, Digital Cameras, and Technology.

FootsloG is the end of your search for help. The purpose of our site is to help you with your PC related questions. Search our articles & bulletin boards, join mailing list, or submit a question

Felgall - Free PC tech support. Find HOW-TO pages to help answer frequently asked questions about PC's, pages on how to customize parts of the system to work the way that you want, & more.

Geeks to go - Free help & support for all your PC questions. click appropriate category & find answers. Even help others if you can by leaving answers to questions. Free Help & Registration.

Tek Tips - FREE INTELLIGENT PC FORUMS FOR PC PRO'S..But hey, you don't REALLY have to be a pro to get help. Anyone with PC sense can to do just fine. Registration may be necessary.

Tech Help Forum helps users with their PC problems, technical problems, & PC help with their PC. Whether it be virus troubleshooting, adware, spyware, or recommendations (PC help).

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Please report problems with the Gadgetbar here. Broken links, misspelled words, malfunctions, help & troubleshooting.

FTC's site provides detailed information to help you deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.

Teaching Kids About Internet Security - Teaching your kids about online security will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Fat - Dispute stories, false charge stories, learn from the mistakes and misfortunes of others and learn about charges that appear from non-existent companies.

MC & Visa Fraud Policies - All card with the MasterCard / Visa logos are protected by fraud policies that do not hold you liable for fraudulent charges through their system, although there are exceptions!

VISA Security Program - With Visa’s Zero Liability policy*, your liability for unauthorized transactions is $0—you pay nothing. Online monitoring & Identity theft protection

Master Card Fraud Prevention - If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, stop using your card and contact the issuer as soon as possible.

This is a Compiled lists of known fraudulent charges... If you see these on your credit card statements.... BEWARE!

Better Business Bureau - Identity Theft - File a Complaint. There are two different types of complaints involving identity theft. We'll describe them both, with information on what to do in each case.

Internet ScamBusters Helps You Protect Yourself From Clever Scams Online & Offline...Resource Centers with suggestions for reducing spam, useful consumer tips, & our Scam Check Station.

Internet Crime Complaint Center - choose your category for which you may have a complaint for and receive information on how to make progress on finding justice. - Protect yourself from online fraud, Phishing, Premium rate dialers, adware and spyware. Scams and Virus lists available.

Internet Scams & Frauds - Scam warnings, registering complaints, Abuses and Usurpations, FTC Consumer Complaint Center, FBI Public Corruption Contacts and much more.

Internet Crimes - Offering tips & advice on repairing or even stopping the damage as quickly as possible. Get help & support whilst you check your details & put measures in place to contain the threat.

Take control of your protection against fraud or deception on the Internet, you can take action to recognize it, avoid it and report it. provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.

Network Abuse Clearinghouse - The Network Abuse Clearinghouse is intended to help the Internet community to report and control network abuse and abusive users.

Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), dedicated exclusively to identity theft, It provides consumer/victim support/advises governmental agencies & companies about this evolving crime.

Personal Privacy Center (Protect your passwords, personal info, prevent identity theft, etc...)

CERT® Coordination Center (Report Unauthorized Attacks, Disruptions or Changes)

Bureau of Consumer Protection (SPAM and Identity Theft Reports and More.)

Caption: National Fraud Information Center "Report Telemarketing and Internet Fraud"

Are you aware of any websites, email addresses or IP addresses that are abusing or harassing you? Look them up in the abuse contact database and report them immediately.

Report Internet Abuse to Your ISP - If your ISP is aware of a hacker, they may be able to block that hacker from their network.

CCIP Section - Internet crime should be reported to law enforcement investigative authorities at local, state, federal & international levels, depending on the crime.

About Scams, Urban Legends & Other False Information that people create and send throughout the internet. Be advised so that you do not fall prey to these faslehoods.


So now you've got a new or used computer.... Now what? TEST IT. Otherwise you may be looking for trouble after your warranty expires.

Answers that work - These pages provide guidance on the usefulness or not of PC programs and services, and removal procedures when recommended.

What you should do if your PC crashes - here is some emergency info for that dreadful moment.

What kind of file is that? - - This site contains a searchable database of file extensions with detailed information about the associated file types.

Welcome to the Tech Terms Dictionary - the free online computer dictionary. The goal of the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary is to not just define computer terms, but explain them as well.

Guide to Internet Terms: A Glossary - What's "http" mean? / What's a "Blog"? / What's an "ISP"? / How much is a "byte" or "Kilobyte" or "Megabyte" or "Gigabyte" or "Terrabyte"? Find more terms here.

Beware of Gator/Claria/Gain Products (Applications include eWallet, DateManager, WeatherScope, and PrecisionTime.)

Error / Advice INFO Center - More PC error messages with directions on what to do. Learn how to handle particular computer problems before it's too late.

ISSA - It offers a translation of existing regulations, standards, and accepted practices into logical strategy and detailed tactics that can be implemented by any organization.

CIAC Incident Reporting Procedures for U.S. Department of Energy Facilities/Contractors Only

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - CPSR is a public interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society.

Internet Fraud Watch - Internet Fraud Statistics Reports for your reference, guidance and use. Includes a toll free phone number.

National Consumers League - Help with telemarketing & internet fraud, money & credit, help with child labor & fair labor rights, security technology, help with phone, elecrtic & home utilities, protecting personal info & privacy & much more...

INFO/FAQ's Menu Continued.... Just POINT TO THIS LINE with your mouse to open the second (2nd) menu. More INFO/FAQ's Menu beyond this point. (End of this menu - going up)

Clear Browser Cache

Clear Browser History

Delete Browser Cookies

TerraFly ® - changes the way you view your world. Simply enter an address, and our system will put you at the controls of a bird's view aerial imagery to explore your digital earth.

View Above Earth - You can enter degrees, minutes, and seconds as either 6°57'11" or 6d57m11s. You can also specify latitude and longitude by choosing from a list of cities. Cams: - View Earth, Sun and aurora in real-time. See how the Sun, the Earth, and the area in between look right now!

THE SIMPLE TRUTH - A short movie about the simple truths behind life and the people involved in and around it all.

Other Websites: Interesting "weird" pages - a list of the weird and unusual of the internet. Enough to keep you busy for a while.

Surreal Images - photos of funny and strange ideas people have had. From the bizzare to the very extreme, it's probably here.

GPRIME VIDEOS - Short clips about really cool, really funny or really weird moments from around the world.

The families of Bud and Lou want to welcome you to the official Abbott & Costello Home Page. It is our goal to help bring you the latest news and information.

Mr. Bean's animated video series. Get a load of laughs from England's king of comedy as he sets off from one adventure to another.

40 Unusual SitesWe have covered lots of lists and round-ups but this one is quite different: it lists undiscovered webservices that are original, rather unique, unusual, useful, free, and must-be bookmarked type.

Aluminum Foil - How much aluminum foil is in a roll? And what can one do with it if you had enough of it? We were not sure, so on Saturday, these guys cracked open a new roll, and tried to cover an entire car.

Welcome to - .. with not one but TWO Live camearas! ..where you can see as well as learn about Ants with images and movies from 6/8/1998-now.

URL Wire - What good is great web content if nobody knows about it? Since 1994, URLwire has helped attract trusted links and publicity for selected web sites.

National Geographic's "Be the Creature" - Choose your animal. See how they live, what they do and how they do it. Survival techniques, fighting, hunting, etc...

The new 100 most useful sites - 100 places to occupy your mind and hopefully find something of value that you can even get for free....?

Beng Inter-Galactic - " Introducing Earth as a holiday destination for aliens " View movies, short films and photos as if taken by aliens who studied humans.

Weird Websites - these people show some of the weirdest, strangest things people have or are doing on the net.

The James Bond Vehicle Library - enter the world of James Bond's vehicles. Gadgets galore built into these babies by Q. Be they made for the road, water or air - they are truly amazing.

Bubble Town - Blow huge bubbles, long lasting bubbles. All you need to become a bubble blowing expert is here in Bubble Town.

Zack's Bug-Feasting Page - Disgusting enough - these people eat bugs of many kinds... Maybe we can create trade for gasoline and make the prices go down as well as the bug population.

Top 50 Strange Websites! - Please send us your Strange websites!We will put them right here!You Could Win A Gold Award

Celebrity Doubles and Impersonators or Look-alikes.... Take a look at all the people we have in this world who could be an exact match for a famous celebrity!

Coolweird - The sometimes odd photos of Charlie Wallace, based in northern San Diego county in California. Mostly nature or scenic, occasionally a bit abstract or surreal...

Shaving Cream - Just exactly how much "cream" is in a can of shaving cream? How much does it cover & what can be done with it?

Weird Research, Anomalous Physics - "I love fools' experiments; I am always making them" - Charles Darwin... WEIRD SCIENCE OF THE WEEK

Croquet in the Snow - Dedicated to enjoying eXtreme croquet, nature, and the near-death experience!™. Featuring eXtreme croquet and eXtreme croquet mallets (DANGEROUS?)

Desktop toys and Creative websites - Catch something you've never seen or use something you've never used - but for pete's sake, ya gotta find something creative, right?

Clicket's Community - Top Ranked Internet Resources. A family friendly and growing community. Each top ranked website area, can be accessed from each featured category listed below and from top menu of each page.

Jerry Lewis Comedy Museum - Many of these original recordings were recently found and re-mastered so another facet of Jerry's unique brand of comedy could be shared with the world.

Web Weirdness & Hotel Weird - Zoned for the weird, wacky, bizarre, strange, odd, sick, stupid, outrageous, useless and unusual!

Welcome To The Website of The National Ice Carving Association! Any and all Ice Sculpture Videos here for you to view!

The Museum of Burnt Food - Have a smokin' good time! The Burnt Food Museum Official Team Research Aprons are in if you would like to place an order.

BIZARRE - lists of the strange, the weird, the unusual - yeah, the usual / unusual stuff too, lol.... But there is bound to be something to cause you to take a second look!

Unusual Ideas Menu Continued.... Just POINT TO THIS LINE with your mouse to open the second (2nd) menu. More Unusual Ideas Menu beyond this point. (End of this menu - going up)

Make a "cartoon" photo of a real picture of yourself!


Calorie Calculator




YouTube Top 10


Unit Converter


Show My IP


NY Times Classic Crossword



Wikipedia Search



Memory Game

Black Jack

Video Poker

Play The Video Game - Joust

Play The Video Game - Space Invaders

Play The Video Game - Star Castle

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Play The Video Game - 407 Video Game Choices

Amusing Gadgets, Games, Gizmos and more: Part 1

Amusing Gadgets, Games, Gizmos and more: Part 2

Free Wallpapers For Your Desktop: Part 1

Free Wallpapers For Your Desktop: Part 2

Sound WAVs, Answering Machine Messages, Free Music and more for your PC. Type words out on keyboard and listen to them being played back as sounds!

DOTS - Connect the dots and try to make more boxes than the computer.

Games for the Brain - Like playing games to expand that cranium chamber? Choose from any of these great games for your mind.

Guerrilla Mail - provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

More Gadgets to add to Gadgetbar - Choose from any that appeal to you!

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Free Old Time Radio Shows Online - We offer hundreds of vintage radio shows for you to listen to online in mp3 format, all for free.

Numerous Free Prime TV Channels for Free - View your favorite shows on your favorite stations! A simple click of the mouse and you are viewing!

ABC TV Online - Full Length Episodes such as "Lost", "Desperate Housewives", "The Nine", and more... Watch your favorite show now!

ABC FAMILY TV - Watch episodes of Kyle XY, GREEK, Lincoln Heights, Grounded for Life and so much more! No more missed shows!

CBS TV Online - View full-length episodes of "Survivor", "CSI", "Numbers", "Shark", and others. All for free.

NBC TV Online - Features full-length episodes of TV shows that are in current playing season. All for free.

FOX TV on demand - Once there, click on FOX ON DEMAND to view available favorite FOX TV shows - just click and watch. It's that easy.

TNT TV - We present "Dramavision", producing your favorite episodes - Saving Grace, The Closer, Heartland and more!!!!

A&E TV - Are you an A&E fan? Gene Simmons, Criss Angel, Sopranos, First 48:, SWAT & so much more it'll make your eyes water!

FOX TV REALITY SHOWS - Full episodes of: Last Comic Standing, LOST, Temptation Island, Joe Millionaire, Love Cruise - too many to mention!

SciFi Channel PULSE - SciFi Pulse - Full Episodes of Flash Gordon, Eureka, Dr. Who, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Painkiller Jane & MORE!

Lifetime TV - Choose from their full episodes, movies, shows, sitcoms, etc... Will & Grace, Blood Ties, Greys Anatomy, etc....

3 in 1 = A&E/Biography/History Channels - A combination of the 3 popular channels, giving inside info on who's who in America or the world.

TBS TV - Full episodes of 10 Items or less, House of Payne, Just Shoot Me & More!!!

TV LAND - Definitely the best of the best of TV - but free to view full episodes online!!! Click and join in on the entertainment now!

Classic TV! - Full episodes of all your favorite old time TV and much more! From the 60's, 70's and 80's - even earlier or newer shows available too!

Disney XD TV - Regular Disney Sitcoms, Shows Movies and many other form of entertainment - including entertainment beyond that of video or audio! Enjoy some Disney Media today!

SPIKE TV - Episodes of CSI, UFC, The Unltimate Fighter and many Spike Primetime or non primetime TV shows, Episodes and clips.

FOX TV Direct - Watch 24, Prison Break & more! The other Fox links may give access to this too - but not as visibly. This gives you positive access to what you want.

G4 TV - To view this station, click on "Video", "Multiplex", "G4 Wii Portal" and choose your interest. This site is interactive with many shows on this TV station

Discovery Channel / Animal Planet / TLC TV - ALL IN ONE! These 3 stations have come together to give you a media player to cath full episodes of your favorites or what you might have missed!

IN2TV - AMAZING COLLECTION of new & Old TV full episode Favorites: You gotta see it to believe it! "Gilligans Island", "Kung Fu", "Wonder Woman" & more!!!

IMDB TV - you'll find a list of TV shows with full length episodes that you can watch right now on IMDb — for free!

HULU TV - Hulu's mission is to help people find and enjoy the world's premium video content when, where and how they want it.

HGTV - Home improvement help ideas to "Do-it-your-selfers" or for those who hire professionals to fix and improve their jome surroundings.

Comedy Central Motherload - Comedy Central TV is proud to let you watch their comedy shows, "The Daily Show", "South Park Playlist", "Mind of Mencia", Shows, Movies, Videos, etc...

The Click Network - Full episodes of Degrassi, Beyond the Break, Instant Star, and South of Nowhere. Bringing you more of what other stations might not...

Warner Bros. - Includes classic looney Tunes cartoons with Pepe' Le Pew, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian, Tasmanian Devil (Taz), Elmer Fudd and more.

VH1 TV - Catch the popular shows on VH1! Never miss an episode and even catch a live broadcast! You'll get lots of laughs and a good kick out of the stunts pulled here.

* MTV Overdrive * - USA - Hey, it's MTV. No explanation needed of what you can find here, Americas best MTV moments and more!

E! Entertainment The Vine Online - Your guide to hollywood shows, celebrity news, the latest hollywood gossip and more.

CW TV - Packed with Popular TV shows like "Everybody Hates Chris", "Supernatural", "Girlfriends" & more... - click your favorite show, sit back and enjoy!

Hanna Barbera - Full TV cartoon episodes of Hanna-Barbera cartoons including Jabberjaw, Huckleberry Hound, Atom Ant, Jonny Quest, Quick Draw McGraw, Snagglepuss, Yogi Bear & more.

WGN TV - Catch your favorite WGN TV Shows, Sitcoms, etc... and get a few laughs out of your day. 24 / 7 Entertainment.

TV OK - WATCH FREE TV SHOWS, ANIME, CARTOONS, AND MOVIES HERE! Free streaming and download. If we don't have it , no one has it.

Television Without Pity - TV SITCOMS GALORE HERE! Plus, they are working on a way to make the episodes stay without being removed. - It is as it says. They have most of the standard TV stations available. Provided Free Online TV Player & Radio Player to watch & Listen Live!

Show Links TV Shows - Watch your favorite TV show or episode on this new online streaming website!

Surf The Channel - Surf The Channels is a new site with loads of TV entertainment for everyone to enjoy online!

Watch Series TV for free. All day, everyday for everyone at anytime. Simply choose your show and click and go. Nearly all channels can be found here.

TV 4 U - A GREAT selection of TV categories, giving you the ULTIMATE in TV entertainment! Enjoy your viewing!

Locate TV - Just enter the name of your favorite TV show or program and it will tell you where it's playing and send you there.

Court TV - Court TV brings you the latest in the lives of those who have or have not committed crimes. The O.J. Simpson trial was covered by Court TV.

* My Theater TV * - Come join everyone at myTheater and view your shows for free. You may need firefox to view some TV shows

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/movie 25 - Litterally hundreds of full-length movies available online! FREE. Use the navigational bar or click what's available on the home page and enjoy!

Movievix - Extremely user friendly and different from the norm.... But in a good way! An entire library of movie playing websites all over the internet.

Watch Movies - A great place to view the latest and greatest videos available for free on the internet. Just click and view. Enjoy!

Xoxomovies - Links to tons of movies and videos across the internet! Unbelievable access to so many shows and Movies! Visit us today!

Video Lala - Search you favorite shows and discover which site they are being played at. Click-n-go-results.

Movies Block - Welcome to WizMovies where you can watch dvd quality movies for free. You can stream full movies or download movies.

TV Stream Movies - Categorized into numerous sections, you will find something here that suits you - supplying you with the entertainment you are seeking.

Cinecast Movies- A - Z Movies for free. All day, everyday for everyone at anytime. Simply choose your show and click and go.

IMDB Movies - you'll find a list of full-length movies that you can watch right now on — for free!

Watch Free Movies - Free Online Streaming Movie Entertainment for those looking for Hollywood films to view online with your PC or PC hooked up to TV!!!!!

FILMHILL - Come on over to "FILMHILL" - where you can watch hundreds of movies at any time of the day or night. Find your favorite shows and enjoy the entertainment offered here!

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Watchnewfilms - Litterally hundreds of full-length movies available online! FREE. Use the navigational bar or click what's available on the home page and enjoy!

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Moviecow - A new kid on the block offering streaming movies to those who want them! They are looking for uploaders and more - so check them out!

Freshwrap Movies - Easy as pie. Visit the site, click the movie you want to watch and take off with it to enjoy the show! Download it too of course! Hope you enjo our selections!

Movieeffect - Great movie line-up!!! They have LOTS of great movies to watch with a user friendly format! Check them out at your leisure!

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Free Hit Movies - Welcome! We have movies from all over the net for you to view for free at your leisure! Hollywood films to entertain you all day long!

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Free Movies Menu Continued.... Just POINT TO THIS LINE with your mouse to open the second (2nd) menu. More Free Movies Menu beyond this point. (End of this menu - going up)

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WDRV - Jazz/Smooth

KDSC - Big Band


WOKI- The River Adult Alternative


WCTK 98.1 FM Cat Country


East Coast Country




GOLD FM (Singapore)


Rock -


Sorrento Radio (Italy)


The Hard Rock Channel




Classic Alternative Rock


CJ's Southern rap radio


American Blues Network


Emision Digital Blues


Texas Country - The Ranch




California Rock - Rock




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Rhythm 'n' Gold (R&B-Oldies)


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Arrow fm-Jazz








Ultimate Oldies



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WFUV - 90.7 FM -- qAll Blues Channel

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Radio Latino

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Channel X - Modern Rock Alternative


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The Planet

The X Alternative

radioioROCK - Alternative Rock

The Rock

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Aussie Green alternative news

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Sanctuary Radio Main Channel


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The Edge @

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Flossin' Radio

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Undercover-Radio Black

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G Spot Radio Hip-Hop/Rap(USA)

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91.9FM KICK ASS-Southern Rock Blues

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CAYA Radio

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91.9FM KICK ASS-Southern Rock Blues


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